11 Temmuz 2010 Pazar

kill your television (set yourself free)

You can drop it from the highest building with a grin just let it go watch it tumble past the windows hit the pavement down below and shatter upon impact coils wires tubes and glass the couch potato jester becomes a useless harmless mass

kill your television go and set your self free stowe the limitless corporate vision and another's twice told story grab the ad man by the eye balls wipe the smile from his face kill your tv now and save our human race

Wrap the chains up in your attic 'round your old trunk in your room put the tv in that steel chest seal up the video voice off doom find the nearest patch of water be it river lake or sea sink your package in the center for the fishes all to see

Or if you own a gun just stage your own hit and run and make your living room commercial free or take the hatchet from the shed the one with the real sharp edge and exercise your right to privacy

Grab the fire starter fluid from beside the Weber grill make sure adults are present put it on tv at will add newspaper and old kindling fire works from last July do your patriotic duty live tv free light up the sky

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